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Sensapex Micromanipulators
Key features

•  High-precision positioning with great finger-tip feeling

•  Superior stability with drift free piezo-drives

•  True approach angle and virtual 4th axis

•  Battery operated stand-alone controller with rotary encoders

•  Powered-off recording mode for zero noise interference

•  Flip | slide | rotation –mechanisms for easy electrode exchange

•  Plug-and-play install and operate up to 14 manipulators


Sensapex Micromanipulators

Latest technology

•  Drift free positioning mechanism is based on piezo-drives and integrated linear position sensors (pat. pending)

•  Aerospace quality aluminum alloy is used for optimal weight – stiffness ratio. Crossed roller bearings ensure accurate linear movement.

•  Innovative system architecture is completely battery operated. Modern embedded electronics enables flexible PC-control.

Sensapex Micromanipulators

Smaller size for better stability

•  Small size enables close-up installation, which removes need for long holders and adapters. Shorter lever arms efficiently improve stability and robustness towards microelectrode movement artifacts due to the environmental vibrations.

•  Magnitude of thermal drift is proportional to the object size. Small size and short lever arms effectively reduce thermal drift to provide outstanding stability.

Back-Flip Mechanism Video

Side-Rotate Mechanism Video

Back-Flip + Back-Slide Mechanism Video

Side-Rotate + Back-Slide Mechanism Video


Positioning range
20x20x20 mm3 (x-y-z)

Minimum step size
30 nm

Closed-loop control
3 µm repeatability

Maximum speed
~5 mm/s

Maximum load
70 g* or in high load version 140g

Electrode drive angle
0 – 50 | 40-90 degrees**

Table mounting
Magnet or bolt

Electrode retrieval
Back-flip | Back-slide | Side-rotate

Dimensions (WxHxL)
39x82x75 mm

260 g

Electrical input
12 VDC, max. 1.5 A

*Custom high-load modifications available

**Two approach angle range options available

SMX control unit

Rotary optical encoders and backlit display.

Six speed settings and penetration mode.

4th virtual axis for orthogonal positioning in angled approach.

Two programmable memory positions for each micromanipulator.

Single control unit can operate up to 14 micromanipulators.*

USB computer interface**

Charger input
90-264 VAC, 50-60 Hz; max. 0.5 Arms (grounded 3-prong mains outlet required)

Li-ion (rechargeable)

190x210x40 mm

510 g

*1-to-4 connector hubs are provided for multiple manipulator systems

**Software development kits available

The system is indented to be used in laboratory environments at room temperature (Pollution Degree I) that are free from mechanical vibrations, electrical noise and transients. Specifications are presented for such an environment.
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