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A Revolutionary Single-Cell Electroporator

Axoporator 800AThe Axoporator® 800A electroporator, the world's first commercially available single-cell electroporator, represents the convergence of biophysics, cell biology and molecular biology. This micropipette-based delivery system uses voltage pulses to cause the transient formation of membrane pores through which flow impermeant molecules and/or ions. The mechanism is the same as that used for the bulk electroporation of suspended cells—dielectric breakdown of the membrane by a voltage pulse—however, single-cell electroporation offers distinct advantages over bulk electroporation:

• Individual cells can be targeted for specific modification. Whether you're using isolated cells, tissue slice or an intact preparation, this technique allows you to focus on an individual cell.

• Precise regions of the cell can be selectively targeted. Apical vs. basal, neurite vs. axon, animal vs. vegetal pole—single cell electroporation allows you to focus on very specific regions of the cell under study. Large, isolated, and intact organelles are also suitable for single-cell electroporation.

• Only minute volumes are required for electroporation. This helps preserve expensive and rare molecules.

• Very high rates of survivability, 80% on average. Cells better tolerate the intervention because only a small portion of cell membrane is involved with the voltage-delivering micropipette. Thus a cell can be electroporated more than once with different genes.


Two examples of serial single-cell electroporation on three consecutive days. The plasmids
used: dsRed1-mito on day one, eYfp-golgi on day two and eCFP-vimentin on day three.
Images courtesy of Dr. Jim Rae of Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.

Axoporator 800A Animation

Press the Play button to start the Axoporator 800A animation. Turn on your speakers to hear the narration. A full-screen version is also available here.

Documented Success

The Axoporator 800A electroporator was developed with advice from and tested by the pioneers in single-cell electroporation. Their successful protocols are documented in the user manual and application notes that accompany the Axoporator 800A.

The Axoporator 800A electroporator combines two of Axon's time-proven strengths—patch-clamp technology and precise waveform generation. An LCD, push buttons and knobs comprise the intuitive user interface. All pulse and train settings as well as pipette resistance and power readings are available on the LCD display. If desired, the micropipette voltage and current can be recorded from BNC connectors. Three different pulse types are provided, all of which can be run in either polarity and in trains. These include:

• Rectangular "square"

• Bipolar

• Bilevel—a special pulse that has been demonstrated to effectively and efficiently deliver genes as large as 14 kb into the cell.

Flexible Control and Design

Although designed for convenient stand-alone use, an external waveform generator such as pCLAMP software with a Digidata 1322A can act as the source of the pulse command.

Once configured, the Axoporator 800A can be activated by a single press of a button. Alternatively, activation can occur through a supplied foot switch or an external trigger (TTL), so both hands are available to control the microscope and the micromanipulator. A Sync Output BNC can be used to synchronize an optional recording system.

It has been our experience that researchers are forever finding unconventional and clever ways to use our products—hence Axon's tradition of flexible design. Axoporator 800A incorporates two very important features in anticipation of future applications:

• A "Factory Only" input is provided for downloading firmware upgrades as the field of discovery evolves.

• The voltage range extends to 100 V, because the optimal voltage for single-cell electroporation can be several tens of volts in some preparations.

The standard AP-1A-1MU headstage can pass current up to 100 µA. An optional AP-1A-0.1MU headstage can pass current up to 1 mA.

Added Convenience

To aid in positioning the micropipette, a built-in audio monitor changes tone as you near a cell and make contact. This audio monitor, together with the resistance display, provides a useful tool for blindly searching out cells in tissue slice.

Tracking the number of electroporation commands is a snap, as there are both automatic and manual counters.

The small footprint of the Axoporator makes for easy positioning near the microscope.

Ready to Use

No computer necessary. A microscope, a micromanipulator and a source of micropipettes are all that are needed to complete the system.

Accessories Provided
• Theory and Operation Manual
• AP-1A-1MU headstage (or substitute optional AP-1A-0.1MU on request with order)
• SCE-1U model cell (selectable 10 • MΩ/15 MΩ)
• One HL-U electrode holder
• One mounting rod
• Foot switch
• Grounding accessories

Supply Requirements
Line voltage: 100 to 240 V~ universal voltage input
Line frequency: 50-60 Hz

One AP-1A-1MU headstage. Optional AP-1A-0.1MU headstage may be substituted on request with order.

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