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ChannelMAX 100A Twin

ChannelMAX 100A Twin

This system is similar to the ChannelMAX 100A Mini except it can be used for doing two two-electrode voltage clamp experiments or up to four patch clamp experiments simultaneously.

Key Features

Run dual two-electrode voltage clamp experiments simultaneously

With two additional micromanipulators, the system can do dual two-electrode voltage clamp (TEVC) experiments silumtaneously. Designed to be affordable to the scientific community, this system increases productivity significantly. Additional units can be run in parallel to further increase TEVC throughput.

Run up to four patch clamp simultaneously

As each manipulator can do one patch clamp experiment, the ChannelMAX 100A Twin can run up to four patch clamp experiments at the same time. This system significantly increases productivity for patch clamp.

High quality single channel recording

Since the computer controlled manipulators guide the patch pipettes to touch the cell membrane in a more precise and consistent manner than manually controlled manipulators, the success rate of making seals is over 90%. The system possesses the same high quality, noise free, low drift and vibration free data acquisition as the PatchMAX 100A system.

Best value

This system is more cost effective than a traditional electrophysiology setup. In order to reach the same functionality and productivity using a traditional setup, the equipment cost is more expensive, as compared in the table below. Plus labor cost is additional. Coming with the lower cost is also better quality.

  Items Cost per
# of
Items Needed
Cost Total
Patch Manipulator, Microscope, etc. $8,000 4 $32,000 $82,000
Patch data acquisition systems $7,000 4 $28,000
TEVC Manipulator, Microscope, etc. $4,000 2 $8,000
TEVC data acquisition systems $7,000 2 $14,000
100A Twin
One unit for 4 patch clamp experiments or 2 TEVC experiments $23,980 1 $23,980 $30,980
Data Acquisition system $7,000 1 $7,000

Maximum flexibility

The user has control of each automated manipulator using software, so that it can act like a manual manipulator. Each manipulator can be removed and repositioned easily on the breadboard. The manual stages that come with the manipulator allow fine adjustment of the postion. The system can be used with variable lengths of pipettes.

Save lab space

With a footprint of only 12 in x 12 in, the ChannelMAX 100A Twin combines multiple TEVC and patch clamp systems into one. This significantly reduces the lab space requirement.

Less labor intensive

ChannelMAX 100A systems relieve users from labor intensive experiments through automation.

Publish sooner!

This configuration doubles the efficiency compared to the ChannelMAX 100A Mini, thus providing the best value. If you work on 50 oocytes per week using a traditional two-electrode voltage clamp system, now you can extract data from 100 oocytes per week.


Major Components
•  Four micro-manipulators, each one includes a motorized linear stage and a manual XY stage
• Two perfusion chamber I and platform
• One PCI data acquisition board with BNC interface
•  Mechanical error: < ± 0.05 mm
•  Dimension: 12 in x 12 in x 9.5 in
•  Weight: 15 lb
•  Line voltage: 100 VAC to 120 VAC, or 220 VAC to 240 VAC

Motorized Stage
• Travel: 28 mm
•  Resolution: 0.05 µm
•  Maximum speed: 4 mm/s
•  Lowest speed: 0.5 µm/s
•  Serial/USB interface

Manual XY Stage
•  Modular Dovetail Linear Stages
•  Set, lock, and forget; less susceptible to shock and vibration
•  0.5 in travel

Data Acquisition Board
•  Sixteen analog Inputs, 16-bit, 250 kS/s, Input Impedance: > 10 GΩ in parallel with 100pF
•  Two 16-bit analog outputs, 740 kS/s per channel. Output impedance: 0.2 Ω
• 24 digital I/O lines, 32-bit counters; digital triggering
•  Analog input range: ± 10 V
•  Analog output range: ± 10 V

Perfusion Chamber
• Accepts 1/16" tubing

Computer Requirements
•  Windows 2000 or XP with 2.0 GHz CPU
• At least 1 USB port
• 1 PCI slot
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