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BioMicroscopy Applications

  Cell Based Perfusion Assays
  Wound Healing & Invasion
  Special Surfaces

General Aspects

  Cell Culture & Microscopy
  Live Cell Imaging
  Homogeneous Cell Distribution
  Standard Surfaces
  Laser Microdissection


Use of µ-Slides Live Cell Imaging
  Seeding cells
MPG (1.7 mb)
FLV (2.1 mb)


  Mitochondria Stain
MPG (5.5 mb)
FLV (1.7 mb)


  Exchange Fluid
MPG (1.9 mb)
FLV (2.7 mb)
MPG (1.5 mb)
FLV (138 kb)
  Creating a Concentration Gradient
MPG (1.2 mb)
FLV (1.7 mb)
MPG (1.5 mb)
FLV (309 kb)


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BioMicroscopy µ-Slide product references can be found in more than 200 peer reviewed publications.

Application Notes:

Growing Cells in µ-channels
How to grow cells inside a µ-Slide I. Additionally, cell culture channels and open wells are compared.
PDF (969 k)

Cell Culture Coating
How to find exact information on how to make a coating on µ-slides yourself.
PDF (82 k)

Application notes for chemotactical assays using µ-Slide Chemotaxis.
PDF (3 mb)

Gradients inside µ-Slide I
How to establish a concentration profile.
PDF (775 k)

Relocating Cells
Description of µ-Dish35mmgrid-500 with a gridded bottom for relocation of cells.
PDF (604 k)

Avoiding Evaporation
How to decrease evaporation during cell cultivation using our humidifying chamber Olaf and µ-Slides.
PDF (126 k)

Fluorescence Staining
Examples on how to do immunofluorescence stainings using µ-Slides.
µ-Slide I - PDF (93 k)
µ-Slide VI - PDF (138 k)
µ-Slide y-shaped - PDF (164 k)

Lipid Monolayer
Description of an uncomplicated and fast preparation of lipid monolayer on uncoated slides.
PDF (150 k)

Gene Transfection
Examples showing how protocols for gene transfection can be easily adapted to the work in cell culture channels.
PDF (74 k)

Application notes for co-cultivation of two different cell types in µ-Slide 2x9 well.
PDF (94 k)

Trypsinization in µ-channels
How to remove adherent grown cells from a µ-channel after cultivation.
PDF (153 k)

Shear Stress and Shear Rates
Here you will find detailed information on shear stress/shear rates and flow rates in our channel slides.
PDF (560 k)

HUVECS Under Perfusion
How to set up a flow experiment using μ-Slide I and HUVECs.
PDF (1.9 mb)

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