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µ-Slide 2x9 Well Buy NowDownload Brochure
µ-Slide 2x9 Well

µ-Slide 2x9 Well

Two chamber µ-Slide, each chamber with 9 independent subdivisions for cell based assays

•  Co-culture experiments with different cell lines or primary cells
•  Cells share soluble factors but grow separated
•  Open system for tissue engineering screenings
•  Scratch assays with co-cultures
•  Low evaporation
•  In situ cell experiments without cell transfer

Catalog Numbers:
ibiTreat, tissue culture treated, sterile
Coated (Collagen IV), sterile
Coated (Fibronectin), sterile* 81803
Coated (Poly-L-Lysine), sterile 81804
Coated (Poly-D-Lysine), sterile* 81805
Hydrophobic, uncoated, sterile

* Available on request only

Technical Details:
Number of major wells
Volume per major well
1.3 ml
Dimensions of major well (WxLxH) in mm 21.5x23.6x6.8
Number of minor wells 2x9
Volume per minor well 70 µl
Dimensions of minor well (WxLxH) in mm 6.1x6.8x1.3
Growth area per minor well 0.4 cm2
Bottom matches coverslip No. 1.5

Product Support:

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