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As a small company, AutoMate Scientific owes its existence to a bunch of really cool, dedicated individuals. We would like to acknowledge these people to the whole world!

Josef Kewekordes II (Cordes)
, President, Co-founder, Senior Designer
Heath Lukatch, Ph.D., Co-founder & Cohort
Alix Stirton, Special Ops
Kasey Duncan, Bookkeeper
Sean Abreu, Production
Bonnie Schneider, Support
Dr. Sharon Smart, The Best
David Marr, Website Design & Development
Norma McDonough, Brand, Website and Print Art Director

Kenneth Brownlee, Electrical Engineer and President, Brownlee Precision
Dean Dierschow, Senior Programmer, Web Master
Dave Ilstrup, Programmer -- 6502 assby., C, etc., Web Master
Gabriel Stern, CAD PC Design
Brian Greenstone, 6502 (et al.) Programmer Extraordinaire, EPP!
James Matley, Macintosh C Programmer
Tim Niemi, Macintosh C Programmer
Kevin McGaffey, WWW Layout and Online Marketing Consulting
Klaus Kewekordes, CAD enclosure design
Trent Resnor, NIN

Bruce MacIver, Stanford University Medical Center - Beta Test Lab
Ptolemy, Project Disorganization R.I.P.
Nathan Trueblood, Sanity + Mountainbiking + Snowboarding Assistance & I.S. God
Alex Wahl, My Pal
Mom and Dad, Biogenesis and invaluable ($) support

Also: Apple Ccomputer, MacOS, FileMaker, osCommerce, Burning Man. The San Francisco Bay area!

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