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ITC 1600
ITC-1600: 16 Bit Multi-Channel Data Acquisition System

Instrutech Corporation is proud to introduce the ITC-1600, expandable 16-bit data acquisition system. The ITC-1600 is not only a product of our historical commitment to designing high resolution, low-noise scientific data acquisition systems, but also a technological leap forward.

ITC-1600 utilizes the newest fiber optic and digital signal processing technologies, in addition to many of the exceptional features of its predecessors the ITC-16 and ITC-18. The ITC-1600 provides expandability and versatility that will satisfy both current and future needs.

The ITC-1600 system comprises of a PCI-1600 computer interface card, one or two I-1600 analog rack units connected by the InstruLINK fiber optic data cables. The fiber optics provide superb optical isolation, virtually eliminating ground loops, while increasing the distance between the computer and the recording setup to at least five meters. Fiber optic cables are small, flexible, and, unlike conventional electrical cables do not emit electromagnetic radiation.

The I-1600 rack unit has eight analog inputs, four analog outputs, twenty digital inputs and thirty-six digital output channels all sampling synchronously. In addition, four 12-bit asynchronous "telegraphing" ADC channels are available for monitoring slow changing parameters.

The eight analog input channels are separated into two banks of four. Each bank is multiplexed into one 16-bit 200kHz A/D converter. Both A/D converters sample simultaneously and synchronously at the maximum conversion rate resulting in a total throughput of 400kHz. This unique arrangement allows pairs of channels to be digitized without phase-shift. If the bandwidth of the experiment calls for lower sampling rates, the DSP decimates and/or filters the data. An added benefit of filtering is the reduction of noise.

The PCI-1600 Bus mastering host interface card supports one or two I-1600 rack units. If two rack units are used, then all input and output channels are doubled and fully synchronized. For systems requiring even more channels, multiple PCI-1600 and I-1600 units are used. Multiple PCI-1600 cards installed in the same or in separate computers can be synchronized.

Available Models:

ITC-1600 data acquisition system.  Includes 1 I-1600 rack unit, 1 PCI-1600 and 1 pair InstruLINK fiber optic cables.

ITC-1600 dual data acquisition system.  Includes 2 I-1600 rack unit, 1 PCI-1600 and 2 pair InstruLINK fiber optic cables.

I-1600 analog rack unit for expanding ITC-1600 system.  Includes 1 pair InstruLINK fiber optic cables.

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