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MED64 Connector

MED64 Connector

• Used for communication between the MED64 probe and amplifier

• Provides a stable platform for the MED64 probe
Samples at a max rate of 20 kHz/ch

•  Multi-layer electrical shielding rejects hum noise and provides excellent signal-to-noise ratios

• No onboard electrical circuits; connectors can be placed in high-humidity environments

MED64 Connector Specifications
Probe securing mechanism Screw down
Material Aluminum
Contact resistance <30 milli ohms
Printed Wiring 4 layers (rejects hum noise by a multi-shield structure)
Dimensions W174 x H21 x D150mm
Weight 480g


MED64 Connector

MED64 Heated Connector

• Heater and thermocouple sensor are incorporated into the MED connector.

• Bath temperature in the MED probe is maintained using a ThermoClamp®.

•  Easy-to-use. No additional equipment necessary. Simply set the desired temperature on the control panel of the ThermoClamp. Measured temperature is displayed on the large LCD display.

• Can be used with or without perfusion. Included tubing through connector provides in-line solution heating.

• Low-noise. ThermoClamp circuitry is optimized for electrophysiology, preserving the MED64 system’s industry-leading low noise at your desired temperature.

MED Heated Connector Specifications
MED probe securing mechanism Screw down
Material Aluminum, Gold plate for contact pins
Contact resistance <30 mΩ
Heating device Transistor
Temperature accuracy (for solution in MED probe) < 1 °C Usually <0.1 °C (see below)
Range of verified <0.1°C accuracy With perfusion: <32°C (RT = 25°C)
Without perfusion: <37°C (RT = 25 °C)
Dimensions W174 x H38 x D150 mm
Weight 700 g
Temperature Controller (ThermoClamp) Specifications
Temperature controller Auto-tuning PID (Proportional Integral Derivative ) temperature control
Resolution 0.1 °C
Set range Ambient - 50°C
Power supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption 80W
Dimensions W295 x H58 x D201 mm
Weight 1.0 Kg


• Specifications may not be satisfied depending upon the type of computer or operating environments used.

• Only for use in animal studies research.

• Specifications and external appearance are subject to change without notice.
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