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MED64 Software – Mobius QT (Designed by WitWerx)

Powerful Software for Recording and Analysis of Myocardial Signals. Our new Mobius QT package allows MED64 users to acquire and analyze myocardial signals online and offline. It is the perfect solution for QT screening with iPS/ES cell derived myocytes.

• Ideal for iPS/ES cell-derived cardiomyocytes, primary myocyte cultures and acute heart tissue.

• Myocardial signals are automatically extracted, and beat frequencies and inter-spike intervals are graphed.

• Multiple types of slope, amplitude, duration, and area measurements can be made automatically on extracted signals. Field potential prolongation (indicating a prolonged QT interval) can also be measured from extracted waveforms.

• Averages and standard deviations for beat frequencies, inter-spike intervals, and selected measurements on all 64 channels can be automatically calculated and graphed for user-defined experimental phases. This allows dose- response curves to be easily constructed.

• Raw data can be exported to Binary or ASCII text (csv) files.

• Extracted spikes and all measurement data can be saved as csv files.

Mobius QT
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Myocardial signals are detected (bottom). Beat frequency (top) and inter-beat interval (middle) are measured.

Mobius QT
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The time between peaks, which can indicate QT intervals are measured and graphed. A dose-response curve is generated.

Mobius QT
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A broad set of analysis protocols are available. Several types of amplitude and slope parameters are measured and graphed.

Mobius QT Application

Evaluation of QT prolongation with iPS/ES cell-derived cardiomyocytes

• QT prolongation can be evaluated by measuring field potential prolongation with the MED64 system.

• Cardiac myocytes differentiated from iPS/ES cells can be placed or cultured directly on a MED probe.

• Sophisticated on-line analysis with Mobius QT software.

Mobius QT
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Mobius QT
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Stem Cell Applications

ES or iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes and neurons can be cultured directly in the MED probes and observed for long periods of time with the non-invasive planar microelectrodes. The MED64 system can be a powerful tool for studying formation of electrical connectivity in stem cell cultures, as well as drug screening with ES/iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes and neurons.

Evaluation of drug-induced field potential prolongation with iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes

Mobius QT
[Above] Electrode 29. Human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes on a MED probe (MED-P515A: 150 µm inter- polar distance)

Mobius QT
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[Above] The left chart shows signals acquired from electrode 29 in the absence (Blue) and presence of E4031 (Purple: 100 nM, Green: 1 µM). E4031 prolongs the waveform and decreases rising and descending slopes in a dose dependent manner. The duration between peaks for depolarization and repolarization phases (“field potential duration”; black bar) of the waveform is automatically measured and graphed by Mobius software (right panel). Yellow bars represent user-defined experimental phases used to delineate E4031 concentrations for computing average values below.

Mobius QT
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[Above] Average and SD of field potential duration computed automatically by Mobius software for above data. Electrode 29

MED64 Software

Evoked Potential Measurement Package

Spike Sorter Package

Mobius QT

Mobius QT

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