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Siskiyou Junction Switch Box Buy NowDownload Brochure
Siskiyou Junction Switch Box

Controller Junction Switch Box

Our easy to use ABDC switching box allows control of one to four 4-axis micromanipulators by one controller (MC2000 excluded). The basis of the design is simple and requires only an extra controller junction box for each added micromanipulator or motor drive group (up to four per group). Junction boxes must be purchased separately, however this is more cost-effective than individual handheld control units.

When used with the MC1100e controller, the user can save a “target” location for each manipulator independent of the operation of the others even after switching between micromanipulators. The switch box comes with enough cables to attach four junction boxes, and all connections are shielded.

Siskiyou Controller Dial

Switch box & cables for MC1000e,MC1000e-R and MC1000e-R1
Junction box for MC1000e
Junction box for MC1000e-R
Junction box for MC1000e-R1
Switch box and cables for MC1100e
Junction box for MC1100e
Switch box and cables for MC1000e-J
Junction box for MC1000e-J

Siskiyou Controller Dial


• Control two to four micromanipulators with a single controller

• Cost-effective and easy to assemble

• No loss of position during switching
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