Our range of disposable and re-useable pressure transducers are connected to the NL108A Pressure Amplifier via an interconnecting lead which is specific to the transducer of choice.

NL108T2 – Disposable Physiological Pressure Transducer

The NL108T2 disposable pressure transducers provide a straight-forward, cost effective and reliable means of monitoring physiological pressures. The transducers feature a large uniform lumen reducing the chance of incomplete filling, which can lead to bubble formation. The transducer is fitted with a short lead which can be connected via our 2.5m long NL108L2 lead (see below) to the NL108A pressure amplifier. Whilst these transducers are justifiably used on a disposable basis in the clinical environment, with careful use, their life-time in a non-human research laboratory can be extended further.

NL108T4 – Re-useable Physiological Pressure Transducer

Suitable for both arterial and venous blood pressure monitoring, the NL108T4 must be attached via a lead (NL108L4, see below) to the NL108A pressure amplifier, allowing continuous pressure monitoring. The NL108T4 is a highly accurate and rugged re-useable transducer, which is used in conjunction with disposable domes (NL108D4, see below). These disposable domes are easy to fill and attach to the transducer body and are available from us in packs of 10 or individually (one dome is included with each transducer). The components of the transducer are electrically isolated from the transducer housing, which is in turn isolated from the saline solution by the silicone membrane of the dome. The transducer is gold plated, making it easier to clean. The transducer is designed primarily for use during blood pressure monitoring, but equally well operates as a monitor for intracranial, gastrologic or intrauterine pressures, as well as urodynamic measurements.

NL108D4 – Disposable Domes for NL108T4 Transducer

These domes are suitable for use with our currently available NL108T4 re-useable transducer. Domes are available individually (NL108D4) or in packs of 10 (NL108D4/10).

NL108L2 – Interconnecting Lead

Interconnecting lead used between NL108A Pressure Amplifier and disposable NL108T2 transducers.

NL108L4 – Interconnecting Lead

Interconnecting lead used between NL108A Pressure Amplifier and re-useable NL108T4 transducers.