AutoMate Scientific is a Green Business in Alameda County

In May 2018, our new state-of-the-art commercial building was completed.

  • 110% solar – we produce more electricity than we use
  • 100% LED lighting

  • 100% lighting controls & occupancy sensors

  • 100% double-paned glass

  • Natural light reduces our need of artificial lighting

  • High-efficiency heat-pump HVAC

  • 100% instant hot water

  • Energy Star computers, monitors and printers

From the ground up, sustainability has lead our decision making

  • Two industrial HRVs passively heat/cool incoming fresh air using stale warm/cool air exhaust at 76% efficiency

  • Low-emissions building materials, construction (pre-fab), carpets and furniture

  • Renewable carbon credits purchased from UPS for 90% of our domestic and international shipping

  • Our products are manufactured to European “RoHS” lead-free and harmful metal-free standards

  • 50% of our staff routinely bicycle to work

  • Indoor bike parking and repair facilities

  • Flex-time offered to all employees to avoid heavy traffic and/or work from home

Over 50% of inbound packaging re-used for shipments to customers

  • Universal wastes (batteries) and electronic equipment always properly disposed

  • Compostable waste separated and recycled

  • Plastic wrap and shrink wrap 100% recycled

  • NO disposable dish ware in the kitchen

  • NO single-use water bottles

  • NO single-use pod coffee makers

Alameda County Green Business

  • Recognized for meeting Bay Area Green Business standards, Automate Scientific has been registered in the  Alameda County Green Business Program since 2013

EBMUD Water Smart Certified

  • 100% low-flow faucets and toilets
  • 100% drip-irrigation and low-water, drought-tolerant landscaping

Green Seal Certified

  • Low-toxic cleaning products
  • No antibacterial soaps