Perfusion Chamber I

This perfusion chamber is designed for oocyte two-electrode voltage clamp and patch clamp. Oocyte is confined in a cone shaped well to a fixed position. Since the volume of perfusion chamber’s oocyte well is only 4 microliter, the solution change is almost instantaneous. The solution outlet is in an isolated chamber; the cell chamber does not experience the water surface vibration due to the suction. The seal is thus unlikely to be broken by the solution change. The solution level is determined by a “water dam,” which ensures a constant solution level.

Perfusion Chamber, Small

Perfusion Chamber II

The perfusion chamber is designed for oocyte excised patch and tissue culture cells. Two 3-barrel perfusion pipettes are mounted on the perfusion chamber in 45 degree angle in the path of electrodes movement. Software can control electrodes to stop at the center of each barrel for solution change. The time it takes to move between the center of the barrels (700 microns) is 140 ms. For faster solution change, people can pull 3-barrel glasses to smaller size. A small cone shaped well confines the oocyte to a fixed position. Two confined locations are designed for cell suspensions. Cultured cells on cover slip can be put on the flat bottom of the dish. A suction tube is isolated from the cells so that solution vibration from suction will not affect the oocyte.

Perfusion Chamber, Small

Amplifier Headstage Adaptor

Adaptors for amplifiers made by Molecular Devices, Warner Instruments, HEKA and other companies. Contact to confirm your amplifier is supported.


Perfusion Chamber Support Complex

The perfusion chamber support complex includes a perfusion chamber I, a stand, a perfusion chamber base plate, and a clamp to fix the perfusion chamber onto the base plate.

Perfusion Support