Brain Slice Keeper 2

Brain Slice Keeper 2 – Low Volume

  • Minimum 5ml incubating media for expensive test solutions
  • Modular design allows efficient cleaning
  • Simple to set up and maintain
  • Slices supported on a quick-change nylon net

The BSK2 Brain Slice Keeper has been designed to pre-incubate one or two brain slices in solution volumes of 5ml prior to transfer into recording chambers. This enables slices to be pre-loaded with experimental dyes or test solutions that are too expensive for large volume dilutions. It consists of a cylindrical chamber into which is placed a separate slice holding insert. This insert has a closely fitting acrylic ring at the top, between which is wedged a removable sheet of nylon netting.

The design of the insert is such that when placed inside its chamber, a stream of oxygen bubbles introduced from the side are made to circulate the solution from the top downwards on to the net whilst also saturating the solution with oxygen. A hole below the net re-circulates the solution and exerts a downward force on the slices holding them down on the net.

Brain Slice Keeper 2 Schematic Diagram

Brain Slice Keeper 2: Low Volume

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