Select any or all components you need for your custom electrophysiology rig.

Get a free quote for a complete electrophysiology rig setup, or just the pieces you need.  See our recommended patch clamp configuration. Each system is built for your specific application – so you can start using it right out of the box. Our service doesn’t stop until everything is working exactly how you want it to.  We can also help you build your own Perfusion System. Please call us at (800) 998-6283 with any questions.

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    Would you consider automated patch clamping?

    Electrophysiology Rig Options:

    TMC Faraday Cage

    Perfusion Gas Bubbler

    Perfusion System

    Left-Hand Manipulator

    Right-Hand Manipulator

    Inline Solution Heater and Cooler

    Unheated Perfusion Chambers

    Heated Stage and Chambers

    Microscope Platform & Translator

    TMC CleanBench Air Table

    Vacuum & Trap

    Hum Bug

    Instrumentation Amp

    Patch Clamp Amplifier & Data Acquisition

    Stimulator & Isolator

    Equipment Racks

    Air Compressor

    Pipette Puller

    Brain Slice Keeper

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    Sometimes one large quote for a complete rig actually slows purchasing. We can split large quotes into multiple pieces. If you have a spending limit, please let us know.

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