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Ionovation Explorer

Ionovation Explorer

You want to investigate membrane related events and need a free floating membrane? The traditional vertical approach is of limited use because you need primarily optical information and employ microscopy? You still need access to both sides of the membrane to change media and apply effectors?

The good news is: Ionovation have tilted the traditional bilayer to the horizontal position. The Ionovation Explorer offers the automated generation of free floating lipid bilayers and access to any standard inverted microscope approach, ranging from simple light microscopy to single molecule spectroscopy techniques like FCS, FIDA, FRET etc..

The Ionovation Explorer is a microcope add-on, it is easy to use and allows the combined use of high resolution microscopy and single molecule spectroscopy with state-of- the-art electrophysiology. The compact design fits on any inverted microscope and yet offers the automated membrane generation, perfusion of both sides, and an option for temperature control and monitoring.

It comes with the small-footprint “microscope unit” and the equally compact “control and pump unit” and can also be used as stand-alone for pure electrophysiology experiments.

In combination with the pre-manufactured Ionovation ExplorerSlides the system provides a solution for both beginners and experts. The Ionovation Explorer opens the path for a countless number of new experiments.

Published applications include (but are not limited to):

  • Reconstituted ion channels and pores from many sources
  • Lipid-flip-flop
  • Lateral membrane organization (lipid rafts)
  • Ligand binding directly related to ion flux
  • Binding studies under pre-defined membrane potentials
  • Membrane associated protein oligomerization, aggregation & tracking
  • Various lipid compositions in user controlled model membranes
  • Raman spectroscopy on artificial membranes
  • Probe use on artificial membranes
 Ionovation Explorer
Ionovation Explorer
Ionovation Explorer