Low fouling Cedex® Sample Cups

Cedex Sample Cups are designed for use with automated Cedex and Cedex HiRes Systems. The material properties, size, and volume are optimally adapted for cell culture sample preparation and measurement. Cedex Sample Cups are designed for single use only.

The Cedex Low Fouling Sample Cups have been functionalised to reduce non-specific binding of cells on the cup’s walls. This significantly reduces the error when analysing defined media.

109 20 000
Cedex Low Fouling Sample Cups
50 Cups/package

Defined media are increasingly being used in fermentation processes. It has been observed that there is an increasing risk of cell adsorption on surfaces when using defined media. PolyAn’s low fouling coating minimizes this cell adhesion and thus the potential error when counting the cells.

In order to ensure highly reproducible consumables for cell analytics, PolyAn has established new test methods to monitor a constant quality of the antifouling modification. A detailed description of the Low fouling Cedex cups can be found in the attached poster that was presented at the ESACT 2015.

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