AutoMate Products, by category

Electrophysiology Rig

Complete Electrophysiology Rig
and individual parts.

Perfusion Systems

Increase reproducibility with
fewer hours in the lab.

Pressurized Superfusion

Precise control for whole or
single-cell superfusion.

Temperature Control

Accurate temperature control,
rapid reagent switching.


Perfuse microliter volumes
of precious solutions.

Perfusion Chambers

Oocyte and Petri chambers for
fast solution exchange.

Rodent Fixation

We’ve built a great fixation system
so you don’t have to.

MED64 System

Multi-electrode array probes,
amplifiers and software.

Brain Slice Chambers

Submerged and interface
chambers and accessories.

Sutter Manipulators

Manual and motorized stability
with full features.

Micropipette Fabrication

World-famous pullers and
bevelers from one source.

Optical Instruments

Fast wavelength switching,
filter wheels and shutters.


Industry-standard amps,
acquisition and pClamp.

TMC Tables

Precision vibration isolation
systems for stability.

Amplifiers and Stimulators

Modular amplifiers & stimulators
for electrophysiology.

Siskiyou Mechanicals

Manual and motorized with
precision mechanicals.

Functionalized Glass Slides

Plastic and glass slides as well as
functionalized 96-well plates.

Automated Patch Clamping

Made for oocyte, cell patch
and two-electrode voltage.