AutoMate Products, by category

Electrophysiology Rig

Complete Electrophysiology Rig
and individual parts.

ValveLink8.2® PTFE inert Perfusion System

Increase reproducibility with
fewer hours in the lab.

Perfusion Systems
Perfusion Pressure Kit - 16-ch

Precise control for whole or
single-cell superfusion.

Pressurized Superfusion

Accurate temperature control,
rapid reagent switching.

Temperature Control
SmartSquirt®4 Micro-Perfusion System

Perfuse microliter volumes
of precious solutions.

SmartSquirt Micro-perfusion
Perfusion Chambers

Oocyte and Petri chambers for
fast solution exchange.

Perfusion Chambers
Rodent Fixation

We’ve built a great fixation system
so you don’t have to.

Rodent Fixation Systems
MED64 System

Multi-electrode array probes,
amplifiers and software.

MED64 MEA System

Industry-standard amps,
acquisition and pClamp.

MDC/Axon Instruments
Micropipette Fabrication

World-famous pullers and
bevelers from one source.

Micropipette Fabrication
Brain Slice Chambers

Submerged and interface
chambers and accessories.

Brain Slice Chambers
Sutter Manipulators

Manual and motorized stability
with full features.

TMC Tables

Precision vibration isolation
systems for stability.

TMC Air Tables
Amplifiers and Stimulators

Modular amplifiers & stimulators
for electrophysiology.

Amplifiers & Stimulators
Siskiyou Mechanicals

Manual and motorized with
precision mechanicals.

Siskiyou Mechanicals

Automatic whole-cell and single-channel recordings.

Auto Patch Clamping
Optical Instruments

Fast wavelength switching,
filter wheels and shutters.

Optical Instruments
Functionalized Glass Slides

Plastic and glass slides as well as
functionalized 96-well plates.

Functionalized Glass Slides