Molecular Devices Model Cells, Cables, Odd Bits

Model Cell Adapters

CLAMP-1U model cell

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Suitable for evaluating two-electrode voltage clamp and discontinuous single-electrode voltage clamp. Contains two “electrodes” that can be connected to the “bath” or the “cell.” Connectors are suitable for U-type HS series headstages. Provided at no charge with all Axoclamps and Axoprobes.


PATCH-1U model cell

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Simulates whole-cell clamp and single-channel patch-clamp conditions. Connectors are suitable for U-type CV series headstages. Provided at no charge with all Axopatches.


MCO-2U oocyte model cell

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Simulates the membrane resistance, membrane capacitance and a membrane- bound component of the series resistance. Resistors simulate the intracellular electrodes, a patch-clamp electrode and the bath grounding and sensing electrodes. A switch enables testing the amplifier under conditions of high current/low membrane resistance. Connectors are suitable for U-type HS series headstages


MCB-1U bilayer model cell

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Contains a series resistor and capacitor to simulate a bilayer membrane. Connectors are suitable for U-type CV series headstages. The MCB-1U is provided with the Axopatch 200A patch clamp.


MCW-1U whole-cell model cell
Simulates a whole-cell patch-clamp recording system. Connectors are suitable for U-type HS series headstages. Provided at no charge with the Axoclamp-2B.


HS and CV headstages are connected to model cells through 1 or 2 mm pin connectors. We supply adapters on request that facilitate connections between headstages and model cells of different types. All adapters have a socket on one end and a pin on the other end. Adapter descriptions and Axon Part Numbers (APN #) are given in the table below.

Model Cells Headstage Chart

*E# – electrode input # All ground connections on model cells and headstages have 2 mm sockets, except the CV203BU headstage, which has a 1 mm ground socket.


LU-1 link-up cable
Allows the sample rates of two Axoclamps to be synchronized.

Odd Bits

HLP-0 pack of 5 general-purpose 2 mm plugs

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2 mm plugs are used with the grounding jack of all headstages. These plugs also fit the input of non-U-type HS, VG and BH series headstages, and many SmartProbes.

RD-1-n headstage mounting rods

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4 inch (100 mm) long insulated rods screw into back of all headstages. Replace “n” with diameter 1/4, 5/16 or 3/8 inch (6.3, 7.9 or 9.5 mm). RD-1-5/16 is supplied standard with all headstages.

Buzz Duration Control

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Hand-held control to enable the Buzz duration on the Axoclamp to be controlled in the range 1-50 ms. Provided at no charge with all Axoclamps.

Capacitance Measurement

DR-1 series resistance dither unit
Normally provides a short-circuit link between the preparation and ground. Under control of an external TTL-level signal, the DR-1 inserts a 500 kΩ resistor in series with the bath ground. The DR-1 is suitable for finding the phase tracking angle in capacitance measurement experiments using an Axopatch 200B amplifier.