MED Probe

MED Probe for Basic / Plex System

The standard MED Probe has 64 microelectrodes and is available with 2 types of (5 mm or 10 mm height) chamber height. Special arrangement (Hippocampal array, Hexagonal) and probe for multi- sample processing are also available.

Standard 8×8 array

Standard 8×8 Arrays
Mouse Hippocampus CA1 P210

MED-P210A/5 (0.7 mm)
Mouse Hippocampus CA1

Mouse Hippocampus P515

MED-P515A/5 (1 mm)
Mouse Hippocampus

Rat Hippocampus CA1 515

MED-P515A/5 (1 mm)
Rat Hippocampus CA1

Rat Hippocampus 530A1

MED-P530A/5 (2 mm)
Rat Hippocampus

Rat Hippocampus Peripheral 5451

MED-P545A/5 (3 mm)
Rat Hippocampus and Peripheral Area

32 x 2, 16 x4 Arrays

32x2 16x4 Arrays
32x2 16x4 Arrays Specifications

Multi-sampling (2 or 4) Probe

Multi-sampling 2 or 4 Probe
Multi-sampling 2 or 4 Probe

Hippocampal Pattern Arrays (CA1, CA3, DG)

MED P5001A

Micrograph of rat hippocampal slice and arrangement of microelectrodes

MED P5002A

Micrograph of mouse hippocampal slice and arrangement of microelectrodes

Hippocampal Pattern Arrays

Hexagonal Arrays (61 electrodes)


Micrograph of electrodes and arrangement of microelectrodes.

Hexagonal Arrays
MED Probe Electrode, zoom

Zoom view of the microelectrodes in the MED-P515A