MED64 Basic

MED64 Basic: suitable for all applications (Acute slices, Cultured cells, Slice cultures)

MED64-Basic System is user-friendly microelectrode array (MEA) system for in vitro extracellular electrophysiology. It features with the industry’s most sensitive MEA system, providing high-quality reliable data. Created by Panasonic, the MED64 has been on market for 20 years and has hundreds of users and publications worldwide.

  • Acquire signal from 64 electrodes simultaneously.
  • Stimulation through any of the 64 electrodes (up to 2 electrodes simultaneously) using internal stimulator.
  • Unrivaled signal-to-noise ratio of 0.8 μV RMS noise level.
  • Record inside of a humidified incubator.
  • Large current-driven stimulation via any electrode.
  • High-quality evoked signal without interference of stimulus artifacts.
  • One system can be used for multiple experiments with its amplifier’s broad acquisition bandwidth and analog low pass/high pass filter.
  • Analyze data online during your experiment or offline after.
  • Suitable for acute slices, slice cultures, and cell cultures.
  • Low-cost upgrade to the MED64-Allegro or Quad II System.

MED64 Basic System Configuration

MED64 Basic Config