Discover the beauty that only the highest-sensitivity MEA can bring to your research!

MED64 Presto

MED64 Presto

The MED64 Presto is a microelectrode array (MEA) system that incorporates the industry leading sensitivity of the MED64 platform in an easy to use multi-well format. Modern, intuitive, easy to use software makes data collection and analysis effortless. The MED64 Presto is engineered for researchers who need the correct answer to their scientific inquiries and reveals data that can be missed by other platforms.

  • Flexible 6, 24, 48, and 96 multi-well format.
  • Innovative well design that makes plating cells easy.
  • Industry leading high sensitivity low noise electrodes (0.9 μV (< 3 kHz)).
  • Broad acquisition bandwidth reveals more activity from your cells without the need to improve signal-to -noise ratio by limit sampling rate.
  • Modern, state of the art software.
  • Integrated stage heater and environmental chamber.

High-sensitivity Electrodes in Multi-well Format

The MED64 Presto’s electrodes are engineered for sensitivity to reveal data that can be missed by other systems. Better sensitivity means more signals can be detected from your cells.

Presto’s Sakura plate is engineered for easy and accurate seeding of cells. Highly transparent plates allow for easy viewing of cells.

Plate Format  (Electrodes Per Well)
6  (96)
24 (16)
48 (8)
96 (4)

Sakura Plate, Close Up

Sakura Plate (left) and Close-up view of a well (right)

24 Well BC


The new Presto Software boasts a modern, flexible, and easy to use interface to make data collection and analysis painless and efficient.

Presto Software
Presto Software
Presto Software

Electrode, Well

Electrode Material:
Carbon nanotube

Electrode Size:
50 μm x 50μm

Electrode Impedance:
10 kohm (Typ.)

Plate Format:
(Electrodes / well)
6  (64 electrodes)
24 (16 electrodes)
48 (8 electrodes)
96 (4 electrodes)

Well Size:
Φ16mm x h10mm (24 Well)
16mm x 7mm x h10mm (48 Well)
Φ7mm x 10mm (96 Well)

Insulation Layer:

Substrate: Glass
Well: Acrylic resin
Lead: ITO

Amplifier, Acquisition

Number of Channels:

1000x (fixed)

Sampling Rate:
20 kHz

RMS Noise:
1.2 μV (< 5kHz)
0.9 μV (<3 kHz)

High Pass Filter (LCF):
0.1Hz (fixed)

Low Pass Filter (HCF):
5 kHz

Output Channel:
2 (for Trigger output)