QT Package

For recording and analysis of myocardial signals /Field Potential Duration analysis.

  • Extractions of myocardial signals exceeding user-defined thresholds.
  • Beat frequency analysis (with computation and graphs).
  • Inter-spike-intervals analysis (with computation and graphs).
  • A various sets of waveform analysis (Amplitude, slope, duration, etc) for extracted signals and cumulative plots for the analysis.
  • Field Potential Duration analysis via several different methods.
  • Export raw data by binary or ASCII text file (csv).
  • Export extracted signals and all analysis results by ASCII text file (csv).
Mobius QT

Extractions of myocardial signals (bottom), analysis for beat frequency (top) and inter-spike-interval (middle) analysis.

Mobius QT

Field Potential Duration analysis by measuring peak to peak duration.

MED64 Software

MED64 Software

Highly-sophisticated, user-friendly software. MED64 Mobius software is a data acquisition and analysis package for the MED64 system, featuring a broad set of analysis functions available both online (i.e. during acquisition) and offline (i.e. post-acquisition).

Learn more about MED64 Software.