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Spike Sorter

For recording and analysis of neuronal spikes.

  • Extractions of spikes exceeding user-defined thresholds.
  • Set thresholds by either:
    • moving bars at the all channels (or single channel) display
    • typing numbers in the chart
    • a percentage of the standard deviation of baseline noise level
  • Spike sorting based on waveform similarities.
  • Spike frequency analysis at all channels and build of their cumulative plots.
  • Easy-to-set acquisition parameters.
  • Export raw data by binary or ASCII text file (csv).
  • Export:
    • extracted spikes waveforms,
    • time stamps for extracted spikes,
    • spike frequency chart as ASCII text file (csv).

Spike extractions

Spike Extractions

Spike sorting and spike frequency analysis

Spike Analysis
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MED64 Software

MED64 Software

Highly-sophisticated, user-friendly software. MED64 Mobius software is a data acquisition and analysis package for the MED64 system, featuring a broad set of analysis functions available both online (i.e. during acquisition) and offline (i.e. post-acquisition).

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