Versatile tool to fabricate pipettes of your preference

MF2 Narishige

MF2 Microforge

Microforge is useful instrument which enables production of micropipette while seeing the tip with built-in microscope. The MF2 fabricates various kinds of pipette by micro-works of cutting, fire-polishing, bending and forming a spike in needs of experiment. Seeing the tip of pipette in the microscope ensures to fabricate pipette of your preference. The microscope is designed as compact yet robust unit which reduces risk of pipette breakage during the handling. All of fine controls are performed by reliable knobs installed on the microscope. The focusing knob can be switched to the left side of the microscope if needed. The readout of heater level, which is essential for the work, is indicated on display. The heater is turned on and off with foot switch. The LED lamp as the light source allows brightness adjustment from low to high.

* PHOTO: Eyepiece/objective lens are sold separately. Please select one best suits your needs from designated sets.

Narishhige MF2-LS2


Accessories Included

  • Foot Switch
  • Power cord
  • Pipette holder
  • Hex wrench
  • Spare heater (PT-B)
  • Silicone rubber gasket (HI01PK01)

Movement Range

  • Heater manipulator: X14mm, Y14mm, Z14mm
  • Pipette manipulator: X12mm, Z28mm
  • Microscope:
    Y (Focus-Coarse/Fine coaxial knob) 30mm
    X (Swing-Fine control knob) approx. 5°
    Z (Tilt-Fine control knob) approx. 3°


  • 50x/100x (optional lens MF2-LS1: eyepiece 10x, objective lens 5x/10x)
  • 75x/525x (optional lens MF2-LS2: eyepiece 15x, objective lens 5x/35x)

Glass Capillary*

  • ø1mm, ø1.2mm, ø1.5mm

Working Voltage

  • AC100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

  • 13W


  • W210 × D300 × H280mm, 5.8kg

* HIC-1.2 is required separately to use glass capillary with 1.2mm O.D. HIC-1.5 is required for glass 1.5mm O.D.