The Lambda DG-4 offers unprecedented speed and versatility for experiments requiring rapid light wavelength switching. It offers all the advantages of interference filter-based systems, yet eliminates the temporal constraints imposed by filter switching devices. Acquire ratio pairs in two consecutive video frames to follow fast changes in ion concentration. Available with four or five interference filters.


The Lambda 10-2 is a microprocessor-controlled, high-speed filter wheel. Its impressive speed coupled with exceptionally smooth operation make the Lambda 10-2 ideal for research applications involving fluorescence microscopy, ratio imaging, spectrophotometry, visual physiology, or any application requiring rapid and accurate aperture positioning.

Lambda 10-2

The Lambda 10-B is a high performance, microprocessor-controlled filter wheel for imaging applications requiring a single filter wheel. The Lambda 10-B uses recent advances in motor technology to achieve switching times of 40 msec between adjacent filters. It is a low-cost alternative to the Lambda 10-2 and ideal for imaging applications requiring only a single filter wheel.

Lambda 10-B

The Lambda 10-3 is a high performance, microprocessor-controlled multi-filter wheel system for imaging applications requiring up to three filter wheels. It uses recent advances in motor technology to achieve switching times of 40 msec between adjacent filters.

Lambda 10-3

The SmartShutter® sets a new standard for shutter performance and reliability. It is designed with only one moving part, which virtually eliminates the effects of wear and markedly improves performance. The improved design uses heat resistant material that performs well under very high temperature conditions, extending the life of the shutter.

Lambda SmartShutter

The Lambda LS is a stand-alone illuminator consisting of a xenon-arc lamp, lamp housing, cold mirror and power supply in a single enclosure. The Lambda LS is designed to be used with a liquid light guide which transmits remarkably flat, intense, illumination to the optical train of the user’s microscope or other instrumentation.

Lambda LightSource