Perfusion chambers and 35mm Petri dish holders for your Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, Leica, Siskiyou, Scientifica, Narishige, Thor Labs, or Sutter microscope stage or platform. Available in heated and unheated versions, these chambers disassemble with a quick release for easy cleaning and coverslip exchange. Their Tool Tray lifts off with all of your magnetic tools still attached.


Enhance your study of oocyte recombinant receptor expression with a small working volume (< 20 µl) Xenopus oocyte perfusion chamber for fast solution exchange in automated and unattended experiments. It includes an integrated outflow tube and agar bridge for easy setup.


The PC series perfusion chambers have embedded magnets that are conveniently located to retain perfusion plumbing and ground plugs. They come in three styles: horizontal, vertical, and round. All models have two small but very powerful magnets located next to the input/output reservoirs and two more located closer to the recording chamber.

Siskiyou Chamber

Why transfer to coverslips? Perfuse cells right in your 35mm Petri dish or six-well plates. The AutoMate Scientific Petri Dish Chamber works with any perfusion system and optional PTFE inert micromanifold. It is ideal for inverted microscopy using optically clear Petri dishes. An adjustable metal suction tube is included for continuous inflow and outflow.

Petri Perfusion Chamber

Magnetic base, arms, manifold and tube holders mount everything securely on your microscope stage for electrophysiology and perfusion. The magnetic base of these different StageHands are designed to stick tightly to a steel ring around your perfusion chamber like the QuickStage™ or any steel surface nearby.