Happy cells and rapid solution switching at the same time.

Oxygen8™ Bubbled Perfusion Pressure Upgrade

For anyone who needs:

  • Faster Switching – all with bubbled oxygenation!
  • Steady flow
  • Microinjecting
  • Fine microliter delivery
  • Small pipette delivery
  • Higher or lower flow rates than gravity (pressure overcomes surface tension in low flow rates)

You need rapid liquid switching with oxygenated solutions. How do you bubble Carbogen gas into closed, pressurized reservoirs? That’s the engineering problem AutoMate Scientific has solved with several years of research: bubbled, pressurized perfusion.

You can add the new Oxygen8 to any new or existing gravity perfusion system from AutoMate Scientific, any third-party manufacturer, or even homemade rigs. Connect to your desired gas (30 to 100 psi). Available in four- or eight-channel configurations. Syringe reservoirs may be placed in a water bath for temperature control or combine with the AutoMate BubbleStop™ syringe heater. Elegant design allows individual control of each air line.

Pressurized Superfusion

If you DON’T need bubbled pressurized reservoirs, please see Pressurized Superfusion.

Precision Components

Oxygen8 Precision
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 5 micron filter and gauge
  • Precision regulator delivers 1-15 psi (103 kPa)
  • Convenient toggle switch completely closes gas connection to tank when not in use
Syringe Accessories

Available with 35 or 60ml plastic syringe reservoirs.