Precise control for whole-cell or single-cell superfusion.

Pressurized Superfusion

Perfusion Pressure Upgrade

  • Faster Switching
  • Steady flow
  • Microinjecting
  • Fine microliter delivery
  • Small pipette delivery

Easy to add to any new or existing gravity perfusion system from AutoMate Scientific, any third-party manufacturer, or even homemade rigs. Connect to house air or compressor (30 to 100 psi). Does not introduce bubbles into solution; helps overcome flow problems due to bubbles.

Available in four-, eight- or sixteen-channel configurations. Syringe reservoirs may be placed in a water bath for temperature control. Elegant design allows individual control of each air line.


For a pressurized perfusion system WITH bubbles, please see our Oxygen8™ system.

Liquid Switching in 3-4 msec.

Pressurized Graph

“Fast flow Rhodamine B Fluorescence Switching -40ms period using the AutoMate Scientific Pressurized Perfusion System at 3 psi.”

Thile Lacoste
Materials Science Division,
Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory

Precision Components

Superfusion Components
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 5 micron filter and gauge
  • Precision regulator delivers 1-10 psi (69 kPa)
Syringe Accessories

Available with 5, 10, 35, or 60ml plastic syringe reservoirs or 35ml glass syringes and PTFE inert tubing as our “Volatiles Pressure Upgrade” for researchers with volatile agents in solution.