Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Principle

AutoMate Scientific, Inc (AutoMate) collects and uses personal information in order to provide high-value products, services and information to our customers. We limit the collection of personal information to what we need to know in order to achieve our goal of providing superior quality and content to our customers.

Services we provide electronically:

  • Answers to questions and requests
  • New Product Announcements
  • Special Sales Announcements

2. Customer Notice

We will not trade, sell or share personal information for use by any companies, other than our vendors, without your consent, unless required by law. We know that sharing data with third parties is a very important and sensitive issue, and we will not compromise the trust of our customers by sharing personal information without their permission.

3. Information Gathered

A. Information you submit

  • Product Registration-electronically, first class mail – AutoMate receives customer information via WWW and US Post Office from product registration documents required for warranty service.
  • Purchase Order documents, conversations – When customers submit, via telephone, fax or email, purchase requests, their customer profiles may be updated in our databases.
  • On-line requests for information, quotes – When AutoMate receives electronic documents or queries from customers, their profiles may be updated in our databases.
  • Note: no cookies – AutoMate does not employ cookies to gather information about you, the web sites you visit, duration nor pages viewed while browsing web sites.

B. Information we collect

AutoMate collects information such as a person’s name, work address, email address or phone number so that we may contact them or send items they have requested. We collect professional information such as title, lab identity and specialization in order to provide tailored products, services or information that will provide the greatest benefit to each customer. While our customers volunteer most of the information we store in our databases, we may augment that information with purchased data. This information is made available to us by companies that aggregate data from publicly available sources, such as telephone directories and public sources.

C. Questions and Feedback

Any further questions about the information practices of AutoMate may be directed to the following sources:

AutoMate Scientific, Inc.
Privacy Inquiries
812 Page Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

4. Links

This site contains external links to other web sites, such as (but not limited to) suppliers’, and advertisers’ sites. AutoMate has no control over the content of third party sites and is not responsible for any information contained on these sites, nor is AutoMate responsible for the privacy policies of those sites and the information they may gather expressly or automatically.

5. Privacy and Terms of Use Policy

This Privacy co-exists with our Terms of Use Policy and together both policies govern the general practices of this site. We encourage all of our users to familiarize themselves with both statements.

6. Requests to “Opt-Out” or Suppress Data

Our customers always have the option to ask us not to use their information or to remove their information from our mailing lists. To the extent we can, we allow customers to “opt-out” from AutoMate marketing programs. Customers who wish to have their information suppressed from use, or to opt-out from our mailing lists, may contact AutoMate at:

AutoMate Scientific, Inc.
Privacy Inquiries
812 Page Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

Or click here to send us an e-mail.

7. Your Acceptance of Our Privacy Practices

By using this web site, you signify your acceptance of our Privacy Statement, and you adhere to the terms and conditions posted on the web site. This clause is not enforceable in countries of the European Union. Please check back for updates to our Privacy Statement.