We’ve built a great fixation system so you don’t have to.

In Vivo Manual Gravity Perfusion Systems

Rat 800ml (91 cm tall) and mouse 140ml (61 cm tall) systems shown

Consistent results
Steady gravity-fed delivery of buffer and fixative results in complete perfusion.

Easy to setup, use and clean
Complete system with everything down to the needles. Fits in standard hoods.

Fraction of the cost of a peristaltic pump and more reliable

AutoMate Scientific is providing an option for the scientist who would rather do science than design a system, source parts, phone, buy, etc. Let us take the guesswork out of your new animal fixation system.

One or two users can perfuse two mice simultaneously with the Double In Vivo system. Four reservoirs and two stopcocks are mounted for two independent wash buffer and fixative deliveries on the same ringstands.


“I can perfuse up to five animals an hour, plus it costs no more than a tube of enzyme.

Dr. Yien Ming Kuo
University of California,
San Francisco

Mouse Brain Striatal Section

Rodent Fixation System, Vivo Mouse

“Easy switch from saline to fixative – just turn the stopcock.”

Dr. Sharon Smart
University of California,
San Francisco

2-way Manual Stopcock

Easy one-handed operation to switch solutions.

Rodent Fixation System

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