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Digitimer Bi-phasic Stimulus Isolator

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Digitimer Bi-phasic Stimulus Isolator


Bi-phasic Stimulus Isolator

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The DS4 takes an analogue voltage waveform defined within your own data acquisition/ control system and converts it into an isolated constant current stimulus. The DS4 will accept several input voltage ranges and produces four output ranges (±10µA, ±100µA, ±1mA and ±10mA). It also features a GATE input, so that several DS4 units can be controlled by a single analog waveform, but enabled individually via this GATE input. A timed “inactivity sensor” reduces battery usage and damaging “leak currents” during infrequent stimulation, while at the same time maintaining low levels of zero crossing distortion for repetitive waveforms.

Manufacturer: Digitimer
Catalog number: DS4
Parent Category: Stimulators
Application: Amplifiers & Stimulators

For full web page, please see https://www.autom8.com/amplifiers-stimulators-overview/ds4-bi-phasic-stimulus-isolator

Download a User's Manual at https://www.autom8.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/DS4_Man_v1.1_small.pdf

Download a brochure at https://www.autom8.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/DS2a-DS3-stimulator.pdf

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