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Proportional Temperature Controller for incubators and non ephys

Proportional Temperature Controller for incubators and non ephys


Proportional Temperature Controller

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* High output power for rapid heating
* Compatible with our range of heating devices

The PTC04 is a proportional temperature control unit for use with incubators and temperature controlled solutions located away from sensitive recording instruments since it is powered by an external switch-mode power supply. These types of power supply often produce undesirable noise that can interfere with electrophysiological recordings. A low voltage direct current output is used to power heating elements together with a sensor for feedback proportional control. The required temperature is set using the front control panel. When the display selector is set to control the display reads the temperature of the control sensor. The set temperature must exceed ambient by at least 2 degrees centigrade. Set temperatures are not lost in the event of a power loss: unit can be left to operate from day to day without having to set temperature each time.

Specifications —

Readout Accuracy:
+/- 0.1˚C
Output Type:
D.C. proportional control
Power Requirements:
110/240V +/- 10% 60/50Hz, 50 W
Control Accuracy:
0.5˚C below set temp. max. diff.
Pt 100 platinum resistance grade B.
Dimensions / Weight:
120H x 200W x 280D / 4 Kg
Control Stability:
Max +/- 0.1˚C from control point.
Temperature range:
10 to 60˚C
Output power:
36 Watts max.

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Catalog number: S-PTC04
Parent Category: Brain Slice Chambers
Application: Brain Slice & Tissue Chambers

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