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Microspheres 12 µm, Neutravidin PolyAn Orange (1.5 mL @ 0.5%)

Microspheres 12 µm, Neutravidin PolyAn Orange (1.5 mL @ 0.5%)


Microspheres 12 µm, Neutravidin PolyAn Orange (1.5 mL @ 0.5 %)

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Polymer Microspheres (microparticles)

PolyAn‘s transparent or fluorescence encoded polymer microparticles are used for multiplex molecular diagnostics and Life Science research. The polymer microspheres are comprised of thermally stable PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) which allows operating temperatures of up to 100°C. They can be functionalized with a reactive 3D-matrix for coupling of biomolecules.


Transparent, functionalized polymer microparticles

PolyAn offers functionalized, transparent polymer beads with very narrow particle size distribution for particle analysis using flow cytometry or other screening applications.

Fluorescence dye labeled, functionalized polymer microparticles

PolyAn has developed polymer beads which are encoded using the combination of two different fluorescence dyes. They can be used in flow cytometry and / or image based systems like the Bioresponse / Aklydes platform as well as in other screening applications.

PMMA microparticles: Size distribution

Standard product size range: 5-20 µm
Size uniformity specification: CV < 5%


PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate) core with a covalently bound reactive 3-dimensional surface.

Density: 1.18 g/cm3
Glass transition temperature: Tg 110°C

PMMA microparticles: Fluorescence encoding

PolyAn‘s PMMA microparticles are carboxy-functionalized using PolyAn's Molecular Surface Engineering Technology (MSE). They can be color-coded with up to two fluorescent dyes using PolyAn‘s proprietary process which incorporates the dye directly into the polymer during the particle production. By combining the two-color labeling with the bead size more than 100 populations are possible which can for example be used for multi parameter diagnostics (multiplex diagnostics).

Dye 1 Emission (example)
420 – 480 nm and 485 – 540 nm
Dye 2 Emission
515 – 540 nm and 535 – 570 nm

PolyAn’s beads are characterized by a High Signal-to-Noise Ratio that is achieved through a combination of high loading and low unspecific binding:

Dynamic range up to 400
PolyAn´s MSE-functionalization ensures a high binding capacity and easy accessibility to the functional groups. The combination of reactive functional groups with PolyAn´s antifouling matrix allows an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

Good optical properties
The PolyAn substrate is characterized by a very low background fluorescence and good optical properties.

Stable at high temperatures
Through the use of MSE, leakage of the dyes at high temperatures is avoided. PolyAn polymer microspheres are thermally stable up to 100°C.

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Manufacturer: PolyAn
Catalog number: Po-105 54 012
Parent Category: Polymer Microspheres
Application: Functionalized Bio-surfaces

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