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Molecular Devices MCO-2U Oocyte Model Cell


MCO-2U Oocyte Model Cell

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Simulates the membrane resistance, membrane capacitance and a membrane- bound component of the series resistance. Resistors simulate the intracellular electrodes, a patch-clamp electrode and the bath grounding and sensing electrodes. A switch enables testing the amplifier under conditions of high current/low membrane resistance. Connectors are suitable for U-type HS series headstages

Manufacturer: Molecular Devices
Catalog number: Mo-1-MCO-2U
Parent Category: Headstages & Accessories
Application: MDC/Axon Instruments

For full web page, please see https://www.autom8.com/mdcaxon-instruments-overview/model-cells-cables-odd-bits

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Weight .4 lbs