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Narishige Narishige PC-100 Vertical puller

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Narishige Narishige PC-100 Vertical puller


Vertical puller

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Narishige PC-100 Vertical Puller

Vertical pull type with automated double mode for improved versatility.

PC-100 enables the user to produce many kinds of pipettes including pipettes with a tip of several 10µm to be used for the experiments in biotechnology, those with a tip of a few micrometers to be used for the experiments in electrophysiology, and even those with a tip in the region of 1µm. In terms of producing pipettes with a wide variety of shapes and tips, the function of Mode selector button allows to choose a pulling mode setting between one-stage and two-stage. Once the value has been determined, the specification of PC-100 allows the user to reproduce the same pipette as the last one.

In addition, the PC-100 applies free fall by gravity as its pulling force (or descending by the action of a weight), thus it is provided with two types of weights; a light type and a heavy type, two pieces each that is attach/detachable respectively in order to adjust the pulling force. The PC-100 enables you to pull various kinds of pipettes by all those settings of output voltage, pulling mode between one-stage and two-stage, and pulling force adjusted by weights.

The PC-100 is designed specifically for pulling 1mm~1.5mm O.D. borosilicate glass capillaries. For pulling capillaries of different O.D. or different materials, contact us.

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Weight 20 lbs