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StageHands Magnetic tool holder Kit 1


StageHands Magnetic tool holder Kit 1

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Magnetic base, arms, manifold and tube holders mount everything securely on your microscope stage for electrophysiology and perfusion. The magnetic base of these different StageHands are designed to stick tightly to a steel ring around your perfusion chamber like our QuickStageTM, or any steel surface nearby. They include a 1⁄4-20 screw to insert into a non-magnetic platform or air table.

Footprint: 0.75″ (19 mm), adjustable in all axes, extends to over 4.5″ (12 cm) long. Can be used to hold electrodes, tubes, manifolds, temperature sensors, glass capillaries, agar bridges, etc. Thumbscrews allow easy adjustment without needing any tools. All stainless steel and anodized aluminum parts so they won’t oxidize or corrode.

Includes an SH-MH-MS manifold holder, SH-BJ-TH ball-joint arm with tube holder, and SH-ST-DTH straight 2x arm with double tube holder.

(Manifold ordered separately.)

Manufacturer: AutoMate Scientific
Catalog number: SH-1
Parent Category: StageHands Tool Holders
Application: Perfusion Chambers

For full web page, please see https://autom8.com/perfusion-chambers-overview/stagehands-magnetic-tool-holders

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