Control Dial

Four-axis Closed Loop Controller Dial

The MC1000e-R 4-axis dial controller acts as a remote micrometer control for 800 & 7000 series actuators, manipulators, and stages.

The MC1000e-R uses encoder feedback from our closed loop devices to create an electronic link between the controller dial and the device being driven.

This direct coupling to the encoder ensures smooth and coordinated motion between the controller and the drive. The encoder coupling enables the use of the DR1000 digital readout for repeated positioning requirements.

A two-position rocker switch is conveniently located on the top of the controller. The “rapid” setting is set to maximize speed (1.7 mm/second) when the dial is turned at 180 RPM. The “slow” setting is set to maximize resolution (0.2 μm) but still allow coarse positioning (800 μm/second).

The MC1000e-R uses a wall mounted power supply as its source for clean DC power. All cables are shielded and a central ground lug is located on the junction box to ensure noise-free operation during sensitive electrophysiology experiments.

Control Dial

Controller ID



  • 4-axis intuitive dial control
  • Remote micrometer control
  • High and low speed settings
  • Minimum controllable motion 0.2 μm
  • Maximum speed 1.7 mm/sec
  • Power requirements 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz