Controller Push Button & Target

Four-axis Closed Loop Controller Push-Button

The MC1100e is a simple push-button controller with submicron positioning capability and a user selected target feature.

The MC1100e uses the same control features as our popular MC1000e controller with a TARGET/RETRACT feature on one axis. The TARGET/RETRACT allows the user to set a target location at a desired point. When it becomes necessary to back away from the experiment area, the user simply depresses the RETRACT button on the controller. The stage/actuator plugged into that axis then automatically retracts to its full negative limit. The user then can return to the previously set position by simply depressing the TARGET button.

The MC1100e 4-axis controller has two preset speed settings: rapid (1.7 mm/second) and medium (300 μm/second). The third speed selector (slow) has a variable 330° potentiometer that enables settings from high speed (50 μm/second) to low speed (2 μm/second). With the speed selector set at the slowest settings, consistent 0.2 μm moves are easily made by the simple bump of an axis button. The controller uses encoder feedback from the motor to drive the device. This encoder coupling enables the use of the DR1000 digital readout for repeated positioning requirements.

The MC1100e uses a wall mounted power supply as its source for clean DC power. All cables are shielded and a central ground lug is located on the junction box to ensure noise-free operation during sensitive electrophysiology experiments.

Controller Push Button & Target

Controller Pushbutton Target



  • User set target point
  • Variable high resolution speed control
  • Preset rapid and medium speed setting
  • Minimum controllable motion 0.2 μm
  • Maximum speed 1.7 mm/sec
  • Power requirements 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz