Siskiyou Opto Positioner

Siskiyou Opto Positioner

The IS-OGP provides a simple, complete solution that adds a laser light source to your microscope for optogenetics research. It positions a small (10um typical with 20X objective) stimulation spot to any location within the field of view. The single-mode FC connectorized fiber optic cable input from your light source, combined with the included FLG-FC/2 optics internal to the IS-OGP (patent pending), creates a collimated input to the rear aperture of the microscope objective.

Product Features

  • Easy microscope mounting
  • Simple beam steering
  • Uses single-mode connectorized light sources
  • Designed to work with Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss microscopes

IS-OGP Assembly

IS-OGP Assembly Beam Path

Set Up Instructions

IS-OGP Setup

Spec Control