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Spectrum Calibration Beads

PolyAn’s Spectrum Calibration Beads are designed for calibration of flow cytometers and other fluorescence imaging systems. Each color encoded PMMA bead population (peak) contains a mixture of fluorophores that allows performance validation at all wavelengths.

Spectrum Calibration Beads

8-peak Spectrum Calibration Beads with increasing fluorophore content for all channels. One transparent population (only in FL3 detectable) and 7 fluorescence encoded populations. Measurement with QA Quantum P flow cytometer. Excitation laser line at 488 nm.

Key features

  • Contains a mixture of fluorophores that enable the Spectrum Calibration Beads to be excited at any wavelength from 365 nm to 650 nm.
  • Fluorophores are homogeneously encapsulated in the PMMA matrix. A special shell prevents the leaching of fluorophores.
  • Allows the calibration of the FITC, PE, PE-TR, PE-Cy5, and APC channels (or analogue fluorophores) with the same set of particles.
  • Set of up to 8 similar size microparticle populations (peaks) with different fluorescence intensities.




Individual packaging, other sizes and alternative fluorescence intensities (peaks) are available upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us!