MP-265 Manipulator

MPC-365 Narrow Format Manipulator System

Our new MPC-365/M “narrow format” mechanical is designed especially for patch-slice manipulator systems that require more than 2 or 3 pipettes. Coupled with our multi-manipulator controller, MPC-200, users have the ability to easily build up multi-manipulator MPC-365 systems for positioning multiple recording and stimulating pipettes.

The MPC-365/M mechanical builds on our existing manipulator line in several ways. First, narrow format means more manipulators can be grouped around a recording chamber. A long throw (25 mm) radial X-axis provides an easier approach to and from the optical center. Finally, travel in the Y-axis is shortened (12.5 mm) to economize on width, which is made possible because radially oriented manipulators do not require long travel in this axis.

MP-265 ManipulatorThe MPC-365/M manipulator is designed specifically for systems requiring 4 or more manipulators. To this end, we have put together systems with special pricing for 4, 5 and 6 manipulators, and 2 or 3 dual manipulator controllers. We are also unveiling a new linear slide for mounting the MPC-365/M mechanical as well as for our other manipulators. With the linear slide gantry (MT-75/LS), the manipulator can be quickly and smoothly moved out to a location where there is easy access to the pipette for replacement.

A single controller capable of running 2 manipulators! Sutter Instrument has taken the simplicity of the MP-225 controller and expanded it to run two manipulators from a single controller/ROE. The MPC-200 works with one or two of our world-renowned mechanicals, the MPC-385 or the MP-225 (MPC-325). The controller is self-detecting so there is no need for manual configuration of the components.

If two manipulators aren’t enough, a second controller can be daisy chained to allow the single ROE-200 to move up to four manipulators. Thus the system can be easily expanded to control highly sophisticated experiments.

MPC-200 Controller

The Sutter MPC-200 is electrically quiet. Unlike the competition, our multi-unit controller employs linear output circuitry. Sutter adds additional manipulators to the same controller without requiring potentially noisy chopper drives.

Faster automated pipette exchange. The MPC-200 has faster “Home” and “Work Position” moves for quicker pipette exchange. Automation is set up and run via the same interface used in the MP-225 controller; however, the speeds of the automated movement are much faster.

Accelerated manual mode. For users who prefer manual pipette exchange we have added “Accelerated Mode” to the ROE. Using Accelerated Mode, the user can make quick manual moves in and out of a setup. Accelerated Mode amplifies the speed attainable in a manual move by smoothly accelerating to the maximum speed during sustained, fast turns of the ROE. Accelerated movement ends as soon as the user stops turning the knob. This mode can be fully disabled for those who feel the need for direct control of the pipette.

To provide the ultimate in flexibility, the MPC-200 can be purchased separately or in one of several basic systems such as the MPC-365, MP-385 or the MP-325. Additional component pieces can be added at any time, allowing the user to develop a system tailored to his or her particular needs.


  • Single controller and ROE will run two stepper motor drive manipulators
  • Self-detecting, daisy-chain capability allows control of four manipulators from one ROE-200
  • User-friendly interface: single button access to all major functions
  • New Accelerated Mode for fast, manual manipulator movement
  • Easy toggle selection of Mode (speed/resolution, pulsed diagonal, Accelerated Mode)
  • Display indicates X, Y, Z coordinates, Mode, active manipulator
  • Robotic Home and Work Position moves for easy automated pipette exchange
  • Faster robotic moves than previous versions
  • Definable 4th axis for coaxial pipette movement, angle selected by DIP switches
  • Simple USB interface
  • Toggle switch selects which manipulator is connected to input device
  • LED and display indicate active manipulator
  • Low-drift mechanical stability


Minimal microstep size is 62.5 nanometers per microstep. Display has single micron resolution.

Maximum Speed

< 1 micron/hr Drive Mechanism

Drive Mechanism
Precision worm gear

Serial Interface
RS-232, 9600 baud
(1 start bit, 8 data bits,
1 stop bit)

Controller (MPC-200)
16in x11in x 3.5in 41cm x 28cm x 9cm

10in x 6in x 4in 25cm x 15cm x 23cm

Controller 25lbs 11kg
ROE 3.5lbs 1.6kg

115/230 Volts
50/60 Hertz power line