You can have rapid switching, fast wash-out, and accurate temperature control at the same time. Set the ThermoClamp® temperature from ambient to 65°C. A front-panel BNC provides an analog output of current temperature for recording. Different sizes of replaceable tips are interchangeable with our standard Perfusion Pencil.


The best cure for bubbles is to pre-warm your solutions. AutoMate Scientific introduces the BubbleStop™ Syringe Heater with integrated temperature sensor and feedback. Set the temperature on the BubbleStop a few degrees higher than room temperature or your inline heater, and the warmed solutions will off-gas in the syringe reservoirs to the maximum gas concentration for that temperature.


The Cool Solutions CS-1 Peltier thermal stimulus delivery system heats from 20 to 50°C in 3 seconds, then cool to 2°C in just a few more seconds — and it’s all controlled by your electrophysiology software. All components are included and can be setup in five minutes.

Cool Solutions Peltier

Finally a culture dish system specifically designed for live-cell microscopy! Now you can have accurate temperature control and high-numeric aperture compatibility in a convenient disposable culture dish system that even works in confocal applications.

Delta T Starter Kit

The Bioptechs Delta T Stage adapter reads the temperature of the Delta T Dishes, provides electrical contacts to power the dishes and supports the dish on the stage for translation. All Delta T systems require a Stage Adapter.

Delta T Stage Adapters

Delta T Culture Dish System is designed to simulate host conditions on the stage of your microscope and provide an optimal optical environment for microscopy. The system components are, the Controller, Stage Adapter, and Dishes. Accessories for Tissue Slice, Brain Slice, and other specimens are available.


The convenience of a disposable plastic culture dish with the high optical compatibility of glass. These dishes are used routinely in fluorescence, DIC, and confocal modes of microscopy, or anywhere that the highest image quality is desirable. The dishes with the self heating ITO coating require a Delta T Controller and Stage Adapter.


The Focht Chamber System 3 is a closed system, parallel plate, micro-environmental chamber for upright microscopes. The FCS3 provides the user with all of the functionality of the popular FCS2 but redesigned for upright microscopes.


The FCS3 Starter set requires a stage adapter for precise positioning. Due to the diversity of microscope stages, a stage adapter cannot be included with the FCS3 starter kit. Custom designs are available upon special order.


The Focht Chamber System 2 is a closed system, live-cell micro-observation chamber, that offers several advantages over other chambers. In addition to its unique perfusion and thermal control systems it is fully compatible with all modes of microscopy.


The FCS2 Starter set requires a stage adapter for precise positioning. Due to the diversity of microscope stages, a stage adapter cannot be included with the FCS2 starter kit. Custom designs are available upon special order.


Closed-System Cooled Chamber FCS2. Cells are plated on a 40mm coverslip and placed into a special FCS2 chamber. This provides a perfuseable laminar flow optical chamber with user modifiable flow characteristics.


The Objective Cooling Collar is an attachment to an objective that provides an isolated pathway through which a refrigerated fluid can flow. This provides an efficient means of cooling the objective. The source of the chilled fluid can be as simple as a dewar of ice water or as sophisticated as an AC powered chiller bath.

CFCS2 Cooling Collar

When using high-numeric aperture lenses, heat is lost very rapidly from the specimen through the optical coupling medium (oil or water) to the objective. Control of the objective temperature eliminates this problem.

Objective Heater

Options for the Objective Cooling Collar include: Objective Thermal Isolator & Spacer, Stage Spacer Kit, 8mm Objective Spacer, and Objective Wrench & Pliers.

Objective Options

Need instructions on how to size your objective for an Objective Heater? There are a wide variety of objective configurations. It may be necessary to mount an Objective Heater in a different location based on the geometry of your objective.

Objective Sizing

The Micro-Perfusion Pump is a miniature, single or dual, channel, full-featured peristaltic pump designed specifically for low-flow rates. Unlike most peristaltic pumps that are driven by stepper motors, the Micro-Perfusion pump is driven by a tachometer regulated, multi-stage DC gear motor.

Closed Perfusion Pump

This intuitive control interface system is optimized for time lapse imaging of live-cell activity. It provides a convenient, accurate, reliable, and repeatable method of controlling fluid and temperature for chemically or thermally induced change experiments in live-cell chambers. It is WYSIWYG on both Mac and PC platforms!

Computer Controlled Pump