Pre-warm your solutions to eliminate bubbles.


BubbleStop™ Syringe Heater

Bubbles in perfusion systems are caused by solution temperature changes. As solutions warm, they cannot hold as much gas, so they off-gas. This forms bubbles in perfusion tubing. It is especially true in inline heaters where the temperature rises dramatically. The best cure for bubbles is to pre-warm your solutions. AutoMate Scientific introduces the BubbleStop™ Syringe Heater with integrated temperature sensor and feedback. Set the temperature on the BubbleStop a few degrees higher than room temperature or your inline heater, and the warmed solutions will off-gas in the syringe reservoirs to the maximum gas concentration for that temperature. Even if they cool and re-heat again inside the perfusion tubing, they will not off-gas.

  • Easy to remove full syringes
  • Analog heating power – low noise for electrophysiology
  • Completely shielded electronics plus external power supply
  • Spill-proof design
  • Range: ambient to 50°C liquid temperature
  • Mounts to standard 1/2″ rod

BubbleStop™ Syringe Heater Available with gravity and pressurized syringes

BubbleStop Pressure

Off-gassing with pressurized perfusion.

Note: the BubbleStop is NOT sufficient to warm solutions for delivery into a perfusion chamber without an inline heater like our ThermoClamp®. The BubbleStop only helps stop bubbles.

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