Closed-System Cooled Chamber FCS2

How it works
Cells are plated on a 40mm coverslip and placed into a special FCS2 chamber. This provides a perfuseable laminar flow optical chamber with user modifiable flow characteristics. The upper glass element (Microaqueduct slide) is then used to remove heat from the specimen cavity to be absorbed in the cooled fluid being circulated in the cavity formed by the addition of an O-ring sealed window adapter. Gravity or an electric pump is then used to create a flow of chilled fluid through the heat exchange cavity in the chamber. The cells remain safely enclosed in a separate optical enclosure. If more thermal transfer is necessary, tubing can be installed into the FCS2 base.

Objective Cooling Collar

CFCS2 Cooling Collar

The Objective Cooling Collar is an isolated fluid and thermal transfer device that attaches to the top of the objective and provides a means of attaching coolant lines from a cold source or chiller bath. The removal of energy from the objective is more difficult and less efficient than heating. Make sure you have enough sub stage room for the additional diameter required for the cooling collar and tubing. Cooling collars are precision machined to fit specific objectives.

Important Info

If you are using high N.A. objectives at below ambient temperatures it will be necessary to cool and thermally isolate the objective from the scope. The optional thermal isolator will prevent condensation from forming on the lower element of the objective. A gas port is provided to purge the adapter with dry nitrogen. An anti-reflection coated window optimized for 340-700nm seals the bottom of the adapter.