FCS2 Stage Adapters

The FCS2 Starter set requires a stage adapter for precise positioning. Due to the diversity of microscope stages, a stage adapter cannot be included with the FCS2 starter kit. Select a stage adapter for your scope from the drawings below. When ordering please indicate the brand of microscope and the manufacturer’s stage identification number with the description and the corresponding Bioptechs part number. Custom designs are available upon special order.

Round Stage Adapter

Fits: Olympus models IMT2, IX70, IX50, IX81 Nikon Diaphot, TE200-300 and Deltavision



With 3 plate stage


Zeiss IM35, Axiovert with three plate stage [K]
Zeiss Part # 451740 also fits Ludl, Prior, ASI and Marzhauser automated stages


Zeiss IM35, Axiovert with single plate stage [M] Zeiss Part # 451335 used with object guide Part # 451336,Also fits the Leica DMIRB with single plate stage


Additional Resources

If you are using immersion objectives on mammalian specimens, you will need an Objective Heater!

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