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ValveLink8.2 Controllers Buy NowDownload BrochureDownload Manual

ValveLink8.2® Controller & FREE ValveLink8.2 PC Software

ValveGuard™ technology detects bad valves
Prevent damage to your ValveLink and easily observe problem valves.

• Run experiments automatically – even unattended
By running experiments automatically, AutoMate Systems will leave you free to accomplish other tasks – saving you both time and money.

• Microprocessor-based for accuracy and flexibility
Our low-cost ValveLink controller has powerful perfusion commands and capabilities not offered by competing valve drivers: open single or multiple valves, master channel for control/buffer solution, computer control.

• Low noise & low voltage valve control
Designed for electrophysiology. CE marked for Europe.

• Manual, TTL (digital), analog, and USB inputs
Control valves manually (by push button) or by computer – simultaneously
thanks to the microprocessor design. Spill sensor protects your equipment when a leak is detected.

ValveLinks can switch 12V DC solenoid valves open and closed in one millisecond using full power, then hold-in at 1/2 power to prevent thermal transfer to your solutions. Low noise circuitry minimizes recording artifacts in electrophysiology. Both ValveLinks and ValveBanks are designed for use with pClamp, Pulse, AxoGraph, et al. All AutoMate products include a one-year limited warranty covering both parts and labor (see manual for more details).

ValveGuard™ technology detects bad valves to prevent damage to your ValveLink and easily observe problem valves. Front-panel LEDs are dark for broken or disconnected valves, or blink for short-circuited valves. Automatic networking lets you connect up to eight ValveLinks to a USB hub and PC to create a single 64-channel controller. One analog input can control eight valves: zero volts closes all valves, and each half-volt increment opens the next valve (i.e. 3 volts opens valve six). Analog event marker allows you to record all valve activity.

ValveLinks are less expensive than AutoMate’s ValveBank controllers and include manual pushbuttons, digital/TTL, analog and USB inputs to control valves. They are designed for easy control by your data acquisition software. The ValveLink is the controller of choice for dose response work at pharmaceutical companies and the NIH. Its sophisticated design allows control of sixteen valves with only four digital outputs from pCLAMP. A spill sensor stops all valves when a leak is detected to protect your microscope and table. All LEDs blink until you press a button to continue. ValveLinks can now power individual valves up to 1 amp (12 watts), and a total of 2 amps for all valves open simultaneously.

ValveBank or ValveLink8.2: Which controller is right for you?

Features ValveBank ValveLink8.2
CHANNELS 4 or 8 channels available 8 ch. each, USB network to 64 ch.
COMPUTER I/O 8 digital in, 8 digital out, serial (RS-232) 8 digital in, USB, analog input, event marker out
DIGITAL INPUTS One pulse can start a ValveBank program, or TTL inputs each control 1 valve One TTL input per valve, or demultiplex and control up to 16 valves with 4 inputs
PROGRAMMABLE Yes- ValveBank keypad, EasyCode software or digital outputs from your data acquisition software Only using real-time analog or digital outputs from your computer / data acquisition software.
SOFTWARE Mac and PC “EasyCode” software to pre-program ValveBanks (up to 16 ch.) Free Windows XP real-time USB control and networking software for up to 64 valves at once
MANUAL CONTROL External keypad Front panel buttons
MANUAL FEATURES 1-on, master channel, timed open, TTL outputs 1-on, master channel
SPEED 10 milliseconds 1 millisecond
VALVE POWER 4 Watts per channel or 8 Watts total Up to 12 Watts (1 Amp) per channel, 24 Watts (2 A) total
PRICE Higher Lower

Heka EPC Customers

AutoMate Scientific now offers an interface box which provides the previously unavailable digital output lines of the Heka EPC-9 (single) or EPC-10 Patch Clamp amplifier to control external devices, like the ValveLink controllers. The ADP-16MUX brings out digital outputs 0 through 13 to a DB-15 male connector. We also offers several cables for connecting the ADP-16MUX directly to both ValveLink8 and ValveLink16 controllers

ADP-16MUX - EPC-9 digital output adapter
The ADP-16MUX allows the use of the previously unavailable digital output lines on the Heka EPC-9 (single) to control external devices. This device brings out digital output 0 through 13 to a DB-15 male type connector.

VL-MUX/32 cable
The VL-MUX/32 cable connects the ADP-16MUX to the Automate Scientific Valvelink 16 controller.

VL-MUX/8 cable
The VL-MUX/8 cable connects the ADP-16MUX to the Automate Scientific Valvelink 8 controller.

Custom cables
Contact us if you require any custom cables made. We will evaluate your requirements and quote a price and delivery for the cable.Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Free ValveLink8.2 PC Software

Please note: This program will not work without a ValveLink8.2 connected to your computer by USB cable. It will not do anything with a very old ValveLink (with white buttons) or ValveBank controller. You may wish to download and read this readme.pdf before downloading the entire program.

If you purchased your ValveLink AFTER June 2015, click here to download the free ValveLink8.2 software for Windows 7 and above. It is a 1.8 MB download. Windows should automatically download and install the required drivers. If not, please visit and download the drivers for your version of Windows. Let us know if you would be interested in a Macintosh version.

If you purchased your ValveLink BEFORE June 2015, click here to download the free ValveLink8.2 software for Windows 7 and below. It is a 4.4 MB download including the necessary drivers for OLDER ValveLinks.

"Our lab has been using ValveLink controllers for years with good, reliable results. The new ValveLink8.2 is even smaller and faster than its predecessor. It also looks cool and the buttons feel nicer than the previous version. I use it manually or programmed by outputs from my stimulator. I haven't observed any noise from the valve system on my electrophysiology rig."

Hillel Adesnik, Ph.D.
Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
University of California,
San Francisco

ValveLink8.2 Controller
ValveLink 8.2 (front)
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• Manual push buttons
• Red/green LED indicators
•1.5 Amp, 12V AC supply included
• Dimensions: 9.28” x 1.6” x 5.13”
• Weight: 3 lbs. (1.4 kg.)

ValveLink8.2 (rear)
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• Eight TTL inputs directly activate
8 valves
• Or control 16 valves with only
four digital outputs

ValveLink PC Software
ValveLink 16 (front)
View  Larger Image

• Control valves directly from your PC screen by USB
• Network multiple ValveLinks
into a single, virtual instrument

Heka EPC Adapter
View  Larger Image

• Digital output lines of the Heka EPC-9 (single) or EPC-10 Patch Clamp amplifier to control external devices, like the ValveLink controllers.

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